Tuesday, December 14, 2004

press: wild day out grand show

12月 12日 星期日 03:00 更新

【東方日報專訊】何超儀、范曉萱、張震嶽、恭碩良、at17、 美國搖滾烈女Lennon,以及台灣樂隊Monkey Insane、MOJO等樂隊昨日在位於民居附近的西九龍直升機場舉行「WILDDAYOUT GRAND SHOW」,由於場地貼近民居,而附近又有豪宅君臨天下,雖然大會已購置過百萬元的防噪音喇叭,環保署仍派員在場駐守,在台前及台右邊放置音量分貝機,而 當Monkey Insane出場十五分鐘,大會即接到環保署警告信,指舞台左邊分貝為65,台前則為92,而最高合格標準為68分貝,大會被迫馬上把音響調低。由於受到 聲浪限制,昨日現場只可容納二千樂迷。何超儀手執大聲公上台,高聲地說:「音響哥哥可唔可以大聲少少,求下你!」全場起哄,因為她演出太投入,在台上跳來 跳去,又帶感冒演出,不慎在台上仆倒。而有美國搖滾烈女之稱的Lennon一上台即作出連串三級表演,講粗口、露豪乳、摸胸又摸下體,而結他手則在她的 腿間彈結他。

daniel and jun k


At 5:34 pm, December 20, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, I think u have great site back then about Jun but I think this blog is also nice and sweet. Although Jun has cut back to more of a musician role ,I'm sure he'll be back with his new album soon. I think that (just comparing Jun with TW singers/composer like Jay, Lee hom and David Tao...), Jun should deserve more attention and respect. But I'm pretty sure he's delighted as long as he's with music.

And I'm sure he'll need great fans like you to keep track of him and not forget him. Keep up the great job, dun give up! (there isn't a lot of updated site of Jun anymore...)

At 7:05 pm, December 22, 2004, Blogger britple said...

thank you for your words. i think most of the fans are concerning with his music, so updating news about his music and his gig is the most important i suppose, so i wish i can do that, since i notice as well that there are not many updated sites for jun, guess people are all busy, and he dosent get an official site yet, so i try to take the job.


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