Friday, June 17, 2005


UPDATED at 20 Jun

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date: 3-7-05
venue: 數碼港 4期 *free shuttle bus from 金鐘
time: Jun will perform at 6:00PM
free admission *first come, first served
with jun kung

*news from joventina and nic, lots of thx!


At 12:05 am, June 18, 2005, Blogger conny cheungbb said...

wow~^o^~~I wanna join..........

Yesterday I hv been ginja rock-_-but I leave lastly, because it is too late at nite..... I haven't wait for his sign. and so regret-_-

想識多d 阿jun ge fans一齊去睇阿jun

我叫conny ar~~~~可以icq 我81540550

At 5:50 pm, June 18, 2005, Anonymous jov said...

count me in!

At 7:01 pm, June 18, 2005, Blogger britple said...

welcome both!

At 11:01 am, June 20, 2005, Anonymous Nic said...

Dear All,


At 1:41 pm, June 20, 2005, Anonymous nic said...

當日JUN 會係第一個表演
時間是由6:00pm 開始!

At 9:11 pm, June 20, 2005, Blogger conny cheungbb said...


leave me a contact in my msn or icq~la~~~~~~

wow~thx nic 睇黎要早d 去wor搵定個好位

At 11:19 pm, June 20, 2005, Blogger Kar said...

many thanks for the info! cant wait to see the performance!!! (this is such an exceptional opportunity for ppl whos always overseas and misses all the previous gigs and performance i.e. moi -_-)

At 11:44 pm, June 20, 2005, Blogger britple said...

thanks a lot nic!!!

At 5:59 pm, June 23, 2005, Anonymous jov said...

right ker one!! i haven't been to jun's shows for two years!! so i'm SO gonna get the front "stand" this time!!!
there was one in macau on june 11t, anyone went?

At 9:45 pm, June 23, 2005, Blogger conny cheungbb said...

HAHA~我都想去macau睇阿jun ga~可惜我要返工......同埋呢都幾貴lor~~~


wah好緊張又有得睇阿jun 不過....日日返返下工做做下野都諗緊幾點去睇果埸show


At 10:29 pm, June 30, 2005, Anonymous car said...

I go to church on Sunday morning...
anyone guess if I can get a good place after 12noon ???
p.s. i went to macau on 11th of june
only the 2nd time i went to macau
it's fun, jun is easier in macau
after the show, he stayed and talked with his fans
and his mum, lots of friends came
the run down is nearly the same as 16th in MK,


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