Thursday, June 23, 2005

acoustic shows

for people who dont know yet..

Jun's email:

hi everyone...... i will be doing some acoustic shows at "PACIFIC COFFEE" in the beginning of july. i will be playing some of my old stuff and some new material from my upcoming album, due this year. pacific coffee is so generous to let me perform there for 5 days in a row. 2 one hour shows a day at different places. i have just recieved an email from them and i will forward the dates,time and location of the performances. performing with me are some of the best musicians we have in hk. but note that its gonna be just me on the acoustic guitar and another musician(to be confirmed).email me or joe and let us know what songs u guys wanna hear. and i'll do my best to get them perfect!!!!!!!!thanks for your support!!!
Jun kung


At 12:13 am, June 25, 2005, Anonymous jov said...

GREAT!!... but dont forget to keep us posted on when and where. :)

At 3:38 pm, June 26, 2005, Blogger Kar said...

yayyyyyy!!! this is gonna be my BEST holiday ever.. hahahaa! and yes.. please keep us informed of the venue and time?!

At 11:14 pm, June 27, 2005, Blogger Car said...

I don't know how to type chinese...
HO HUI CHU...Good place to go ah!!!
ya ba di dobasomething la!!!
Do U understand????
I'd love to hear
Any songs you love

At 8:09 pm, June 28, 2005, Blogger Hov said...

oh right... jun was telling us to let him know what songs we wanna hear but he didn't leave his/joe's contacts.
so yeah... jun, if u're reading this now, please play "in my dreams!!" i think this would be good for an acoustic show. :D

At 11:40 pm, June 28, 2005, Blogger conny cheungbb said...


I lov In my Dream too^O^

勁鐘意勁鐘意舊版同新版ge In my dream

希望阿jun 快d 有多d 好歌^_^

同埋想阿jun~~~玩下好似suede 果類咁ge歌


係la~~~pacific coffee有gd show

Lov jun and support jun Music....

At 10:03 pm, June 30, 2005, Anonymous car said...

oh I forgot my secret code
july is coming
i'm so afraid i'd miss it
when & where exactly?????????
waiting in a heat pan!!!!
boiling oil!!!


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