Tuesday, July 05, 2005

pacific coffee acoustic set reviews

excellent gig!!! i think they played very well today, jun joked that it's
because the pacific coffee boss is there! haha.. the set is quite different
from yesterday, they played most of their own songs, like some new songs 如果, & quite many unknown name new songs, which sound good! there is a new song that jun introduced himself, he said it;s about the feeling of unknown when u start loving somebody or being loved. the lyric should be written by jun and it's in cantonese.... quite odd actually :P they did play an old song
too, here&now, jun said it's the first verison, so it's very different from the cd version.. i like that a lot, much tender. and he covered high and dry!!!!!!!!! i am extremely happy and i think it's class!! i think several times jun was touched while singing so emotionally... and i did feel the same too.. jun and daniel jammed several times and u can see that they played happily, there is kinda competition between them and that is so fun~ jun knew a canadian girl who is a teacher and lyricist from yesterday gig, they are seeing if they can collaborate with each other, so jun plays the melody (cos she is there today too), which sounds nice.
there are more audiences intended to see them today, the time is fit and the
place is larger, overall i really like the set today.

原來 dan A 即係 daniel~ :P 佢d中文原來好得 XD
今日應該得我同朋友仔, 仲有另外2-3個人係突登去睇的, 其他都係旁人abc. 初初氣氛都幾咩, 好似冇人理佢地咁........... d人好冷漠, 冇人拍手 =_= 後來先好少少啦...
可能番工時間, 同埋真係冇乜人知, 希望之後多d人黎la.

咁玩左 d cover, 其中有 wonderwall, 有玩why, 無地自容 (very very正)等等.,


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