Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On top: 恭碩良Drum Clinic@CityU

恭碩良Drum Clinic@CityU !!! 24/7/2007

24/7/2007 星期二 8:00p.m.
票價: Bandsoc會員或團體(十張或以上)$80預售$100/即場$110
售票日期: 18/7/2007
售票處: 尖沙咀金馬倫里通利琴行總行灣仔告士打道通利琴行沙田連城廣場通利琴行

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At 12:14 am, July 14, 2007, Anonymous paula said...

^_^ it's me Paula!!
sorry!! carman&hov
I'm late~
Because it occured marvelous something at that night!!
But for Jun's drum, i would not scream all the time!!
hahaha he is sosososososo remarkable!
at the concert Jacky introduced Jun to Taiwan audience
at the same time Jun got mug shot, (now I go crazy)
I made my frirend sceam with me!! so stupid!
Jc admired jun is a super drummer& singer!!
also telled the audience that Jun can't speak in Chinese only大家好XD
Jc sayed that Jun learned Chinese and could have an album...(??)
(Mr.JC's Chinese...something bad, I can't clearly understand..)
after concert ended, i standed there with my friends,
I can't belive Jun just passed by~!!
I truly saw Jun personally !!!XDXDXD
It was my first moment that I talked to him
I was so nervous and stammered!!
And my first words "I love U very much!"
Maybe Jun was scared by me!!
haha~subsequently I asked him took photo with me
He was very nice&nice&nice and continuously sayed" thank U"
,he accepted my invitation!!! Five times
(because photos are all blank)
Hahaha XD
I've talked to him "I often surf Ur blog"
he sayed" thank u, u can check www.junkung.net"
Practically I've already be insane for him!
actually we talked each for a long time,
but I can't hold my high mood to listen to him XD
when he crossed the road, I stand here wave my hand!!
Hahaha he certainly considered I'm a carzy child!! >///<
but I hope he can remember ME!! Haha
anyway I really want to tell U anything!!
I put our photos on my album
http://www.wretch.cc/album/Palahniuk(I am not beautiful girl~Haha)
u can leave message here
let's chat about jun!!
XD I think my poor English can't imply my all gratification!!

At 6:33 am, July 14, 2007, Blogger Hov said...

hey paula, nice to hear from you! and thanks for a very detailed report and your deluge of affection towards jun. so you went to JC's concert, got jun's autograph and even took pictures with jun 5 times!! you will never forget that night, right?
so funny that you thought you scared him... haha.
i will check out your pictures later... thanks for sharing with us. :)

At 11:26 am, July 14, 2007, Blogger Carmen said...

Did JC means Jun's gonna have an album?!!!!!!!!!

I saw that pic, The looks of U 2 in the pic are nice! A little bit shy...even Jun, hahaha. I think he got exactly what U wanna say, it's not about ur english, much more than words .>3<.

At 12:14 am, September 17, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I am trying to find a title for this song I have and when i downloaded it the title was Jun Jun Jun so the closest i could find to anything like that was Jun Kung and the song has what I imagine his music sounds like the only line in the song is "There are some pretty girls in there man" and it has a great beat does anyone here think that it is Jun Kung?


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