Thursday, August 03, 2006

photos and clips

uploaded some photos and clips of white party & moto 903 gig
sorry for the late & terrible quality :)

photos in flickr:

videos in youtube:
(white party)



At 3:19 pm, August 03, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

that's exactly how I watched White Party!! --- between head & head

It's great to hear Jun's singing ^O^/

At 9:05 am, August 04, 2006, Blogger quadshock said...

hov, in response to your question in the last entry, my HK trip was great. My only disappointment, really, was that I did not go to a single music show. Instead I got a taste of how bad HK's pop industry is right now... I knew it was bad but never knew it was THIS bad. It's like they're all hiring amateurs to do work... anyway, I left THREE DAYS before the Roadshow concert, which kind of angered me. I was hoping to see Hardpack, Jun, Paul... but nope. I was so close... I heard he had a show RIGHT before I arrived as well!

At 9:11 am, August 04, 2006, Blogger quadshock said...

I'm watching the videos now! Well, more like listening since you can't see much in the video. I am so glad there are more Jun videos on youtube now... watching his WDO video again two days ago motivated me to pick up a guitar and start learning by book again! hahaha. Such an awesome influence...

At 9:13 am, August 04, 2006, Blogger quadshock said...

one more suggestion... it might be a good idea to add Jun's Chinese name onto the youtube tags too, just in case.

At 3:35 am, August 10, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

RoadShow is playing "In My Dreams" this week !

At 2:11 am, August 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanna share some of jun's video with you all...

At 2:21 am, August 14, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

Jun sang Sting at his Wild Day Out gig on Aug 10!
pls dun mind that it's only part of it... more clips to come thou!

At 2:25 am, August 14, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

oh 匿名者 also provided clips of WDO 2006, thx!!

i just deleted the "0係你0個度"'s recording by accident, great to c the clip from u! XD

At 7:27 pm, August 14, 2006, Anonymous BMW said...

I've recorded Jun first song in WDO, pls go to the following link to download:

Also, feel free to see some of the pictures:


At 11:23 pm, August 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you very much to those who shared the videos!
bmw: cannot see the photos... it's password protected??

At 12:52 am, August 15, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

thx bmw for sharing the clip!
i was just standing on the other side of the venue!

anyway, here's another clip i've uploaded to youtube..

At 10:24 am, August 15, 2006, Anonymous BMW said...

oh, maybe it did not paste the link completely, don't miss out the second line. Let's try again:

At 11:56 am, August 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what was the run down for the show?

At 6:01 pm, August 15, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

alison and bmw!! thanks for posting the links, pictures and uploading the videos!! hope more are coming soon. :P
i also uploaded some old performances on youtube too... check them out!

At 6:18 pm, August 15, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

so alison and bmw, did u see each other? seems like you both were very close to the stage!! i am super jealous!!

At 10:07 pm, August 15, 2006, Anonymous BMW said...

hov, i think alison and i were standing at the opposite side of the stage.

he should have another show in december (that's what he said in the show)

At 10:29 am, August 16, 2006, Anonymous bmw said...

i meant the opposite side of each other.

At 4:25 pm, August 16, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

yeah!! another show in x'mas... hopefully it's at the time when i am back!! :D
thanks again for the pics and videos. is anyone of you in the pictures?

At 1:46 am, August 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

really great for sharing jun's stuff here..


thx a lot..

At 3:13 am, August 17, 2006, Anonymous carol said...

My photo album for the show...

At 6:13 am, August 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is someone from Vallejo?? I'm from Benicia. hahahaha

At 5:04 pm, August 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your eyes are deep like puddles
my heart is beating wild
your warmth radiating and
your smile beguiled
still hear your voice in my ears
still hear your voice in my mind
as you were beside me
like we used to be

happy birthday jun....

At 5:41 pm, August 18, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

happy birthday to jun!! :D
nice poem by the way. :)

At 11:26 pm, August 18, 2006, Anonymous may said...

yea same here, Happy Birthday Jun!
and thanks a lot for posting the videos and photos~~~ >v<
hov, here is my email:
you can contact me whenever you want, especially if you are coming over ;)

-sorry i don't know whether it is ok to write my email address here-

At 1:23 am, August 20, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

hi guys! i've uploaded 3 clips in total, actually i hv 1 more, but file too large :(

For the rundown...i think carol's clips are great and really included the essence of the whole concert!

i think the Dec show Jun talked abt is the San Miguel's WDO outdoor show..

just watched Heavenly Kings "special edition" DVD, Jun's song is in the "unreleased" section -> "三人行", i almost missed that! song is called "Remember"...

At 3:51 am, August 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the december outdoor show is the WDO Grand Show like the one in 2005. Btw, does anyone know if there's a dvd out for the 2005 grand show?? I know they put one out for 2004, and have seen the 2005 one being given out as prizes at soler's WDO. I wonder if we can buy it from anywhere.. besides Jun, there are many good bands in the show!

At 6:30 pm, August 21, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

"Remember" sounds quite a "finished" versions
maybe Jun's new album is ready to release


At 4:54 am, August 22, 2006, Blogger quadshock said...

happy birthday to Jun!

Listening to and watching those clips you guys posted reminded me of how good music from HK and Macau can sound... it's just that most people are too careless to bother to make it mindblowing and settling instead for "acceptable". I'm more excited for his next album than ever! I really can't wait

At 12:09 pm, August 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An older video.. Jun's voice is amazing...

At 12:35 am, August 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

please ignore the above link, this is the correct one:

At 5:17 pm, August 23, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

Finally I can hear Jun sing Fix U !!!
I missed that coz I've got to work on that Sunday...
COOL!!! GREAT!!! Beautiful!!!
Thankzzz 999999999 times!!!!!
I really REALLY love it ! >3<
O my H E A R T~ B .E .A .T!

At 11:33 pm, August 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes ar Carmen... it took my breathe away... =P

At 6:24 am, August 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The following are videos from teenpower 十一狂潮 show at which GinjaRock performed 3 songs (Rize and Fall, Fly and 愛空間), enjoy~
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

it sucks that youtube kinda messed up the quality... but oh well...

At 1:10 pm, August 24, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

so excited that people are uploading more and more videos of jun on youtube!! i will dig out some video tapes and upload them soon. :P thanks, people!!

At 5:31 am, August 25, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

an old video of jun singing 愛空間in Macau:
i've got more coming! :D

At 1:33 pm, August 25, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

and also this:
jun kung singing "你著幾號鞋" in taipa, macau two years ago.

At 10:11 am, August 27, 2006, Anonymous urologist007 said...

恭碩良 = Live王(quoted by Ellen from at17)

At 12:55 pm, September 05, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

another video uploaded:
part two of the evening musical :D

At 8:17 pm, September 07, 2006, Anonymous Hessica said...

hey carmen are u going to watch Paul's concert on 1018 ?

At 9:04 pm, September 07, 2006, Anonymous Hessica said...

《Hush!! Full Band馬拉松搖滾音樂祭2006》

樂潮人有本事 搖滾八小時

由澳門文化中心主辦、澳門音樂力量製作、可口可樂飲料有限公司贊助的《HUSH!! Full Band馬拉松搖滾音樂祭 2006》,將於9月30日下午二時直至晚上十時在文化中心藝術廣場轟動開跑!此次長達8個小時的音樂表演將為本地band壇發燒友獻上層出不窮的驚喜與精采,無論在樂隊數量還是演出時間上,都將讓你見證澳門音樂的一次史無前例之舉!屆時,除本地樂隊外,主辦單位亦邀請了來自不同地區的知名樂隊,務必令各樂隊及樂迷更加盡興,完全呈現搖滾樂的無限動力及堅毅特性,帶給樂迷一個難忘的週末。

參與是次演出的樂隊包括:台灣的伍佰及China Blue樂隊、北京的二手玫瑰樂隊、日本的Buddhistson樂隊、本地樂隊包括Soler、恭碩良、Toy Soldiers、S.M.及Cactus、香港樂隊包括Vibration、秋紅、In Love、Ghost Style、King Ly Chee,除以上受邀樂隊外,演出樂隊還包括於「《HUSH!! Full Band馬拉松搖滾音樂祭 2006》選手大召集」活動中成功入選的本地樂隊。音樂祭將以馬拉松形式進行表演,主要目的是令喜愛Band Sound 的澳門音樂愛好者有機會聚集在一起,既能讓更多人認識澳門的樂隊,亦可讓樂手之間能夠互相觀摩學習,共同進步,促進本地樂隊及音樂發展。

《HUSH! Full Band馬拉松搖滾音樂祭2006》入場費用全免,入場觀眾更可獲贈限量版紀念品一份,數量有限,送完即止。








(853) 700 699

At 5:15 am, September 08, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

thanks jessica!! this will be such a great show... but i can't go!! damn it!! omg, and it's in macau too!!
秋紅's music is featured in THK. :P

At 3:05 pm, September 08, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

About Paul Wong's concert...I have not make up my mind yet...

U will go ???

At 1:27 am, September 09, 2006, Anonymous Hessica said...

hov, i MIGHT go to the macau show with another jun fan...for the show n probably some FOOOOOOD! XDD

yeah i'm going ~ bought the tickets already~~

At 6:40 am, September 09, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

GREAT, jessica!! definitely go eat some egg tarts, burmese noodles and visit wynn macau!! :> and u might even bump into jun... haha

At 5:29 am, September 12, 2006, Blogger quadshock said...

oh my goodness that is one hell of a show... or it should be.

At 9:45 pm, September 12, 2006, Anonymous BMW said...

I'm also planning to go to macau for this show, happy to see so many bands in one day. 伍佰、Soler、恭碩良、Vibration、秋紅 and King Ly Chee are all my favorite.

At 4:18 pm, September 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh no....same day as at17's concert..... >.<

At 4:41 am, September 15, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

Jun need a list of songs that he's on drums, from 出道.
It's for the Music Instruments sponsor, therefore it's better included some record such as awards, no. of weeks on the radio chart etc.
And also need some special shows that he's on drums (like Bobby McFerrin, Stuart Hamm...)
just post whatever U know as soon as possible, thankzzz

Another news is Jun will be on drums @ Blue Door on coming Saturday

At 5:21 am, September 17, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

1, Long time no see II
2, Encore (drums)
3, 好 兄 弟 (drums) *No.1 of 903 radio chart for 2 weeks,
6 weeks on the chart
---softhard 軟硬天師 " Long time no see "

--- Summer, Siu Sing Danny 夏紹聲“諳III”

4, 老婆仔女狗仔隊
--- Jan Lam 林海峰 "三字頭"

5, 伴我同行 *
Commercial Radio Thunder Air-play Index 雷霆歌曲播放指數(With effect from 2 September 2001)
---Jan Lam 林海峰 "林狗-十大傑青"

6, 如果你是假的 (arrangment)
7, 你喜歡不如我喜歡 (drums)
-- Faye Wong 王菲 "寓言"

8, 償還 /紅豆 (drums) *第二十二屆 十大中文金曲 (RTHK 1999)
一九九九年度十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮(HKPMCA 1999)
--- Faye Wong 王菲 "唱遊"
9, 逃* (NEW) 3 weeks on 903 chart
---Paul Wong 黃貫中

track 1. 無得比 * Commercial Radio Thunder Air-play Index 雷霆歌曲播放指數 (With effect from 11 February 2001)
CR2 Round-the-Music-Scene Pop Chart Top 20 叱吒 903 專業推介二十大 (With effect from 6 January 2001)
( Drums, Percussion )
track 2. 丟架
( Drums )
track 4. 睡火山
( Drums )
track 7. 沒有
( Percussions )
track 9. 貫中的動物園
( Percussions )
---Paul Wong"黃貫中"

track 1. 黑白
( Drums )
track 2. 深紫色高足爭鞋
( Drums , Drum Loop )
track 3. 駛乜死
( Drums , Drum Loop )
track 6. 有錢真係好
( Drums , Drum Loop Drums FX , Purcussion )

track 1. 初哥
( Drums )
track 4. 爆
( Drums, Percussion )
track 5. 自由人
( Drums, Percussion )
track 6. 離開我吧
( Drums )

10, Arigatou* No. 1 of RTHK2 Chinese Gold-Song Pop Chart 中文歌曲龍虎榜 {With effect from 29 January 2000)
Hit Radio Hong Kong Hit-Pop Chart 勁爆本地榜 (With effect from 22 January 2000)
---Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文"多謝新曲+精選"

11, 成人禮 (drums) * RTHK2 Chinese Gold-Song Pop Chart 中文歌曲龍虎榜 (With effect from 11 October 2003)
CR2 Round-the-Music-Scene Pop Chart Top 20 叱吒 903 專業推介二十大 (With effect from 27 September 2003)
---At 17 " Kiss Kiss Kiss"

12, I'm still Alive
---"第5元素 The 5th Element"

13, 送院途中 (drums)
--- Eason Chan陳奕迅

14, 大路
15, 一對一
--- Edison Chan 陳冠希 "Hazy : the 144 hour project"

16, 你不用愛我(2003)
---Tats Lau's album "A Magical Journey"

17, 世界小姐( Nov 2003)
---Judi Wong黃馨

18, 上岸(Feb 2004)
---Ella Koon

19, 我的天(drums)
---Karen Mok 莫文蔚 " 就是莫文蔚"

20, 宇宙洪荒(drums)
21, 天空之城(drums)
--- Swing "For Sale"

--- Uncle Joe "From the towers of this city, I can still see all your promises" (released on Far East Records, Sept 2003).

22, Rules of desire
23, Si Pres, si loin de moi
--- " ME?...WE! "

---"快活" (Happiness)" (2000), released from 人山人海 (People Mountain People Sea)

24, 緣份無邊界
---Ronald Cheung 鄭中基

25, 熱熱地飛
---POP 巨星聯盟 Vol.2

--- Jun Kung "No Where Man"
--- Jun Kung " Here & Now"

Jacky Cheung 張學友 活出生命Live演唱會 2005

Stuart Hamm Bass Guitar Clinic plus Live 2005

Guest performers of the Bobby McFerrin concert on 10 February 2004---Jun Kung on vocals, drums and percussion
Rock Affair Live In Australia 05/10/02 @ Sydney Superdome

At 6:20 am, September 17, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

this is impressive! :D

At 5:18 am, September 18, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

Update :

26, 早o抖(drums)
/ 早o抖(茶餐廳Mix)
(drums, arrangment)
--- William So 蘇永康"蘇永康的化粧間"

27, Charcoal
---King Ly Chee 荔枝王"硬心"

At 11:31 am, September 18, 2006, Blogger bing said...

28. 慢歌 by 梁漢文
29*. 原罪犯 by 黃貫中 (drums)
30*. 芳芳與碧姬 (all instruments)
31*. 忘了我是誰 (all instruments)

* are from 森美小儀歌劇團亞卡比槍擊事件 - 愛情萬歲 album

At 11:37 am, September 18, 2006, Blogger bing said...

32. 好波! by LMF @ CrazyChildren (percussion)
33. 我愛香港 by LMF @ CrazyChildren (live drums)

At 11:49 am, September 18, 2006, Blogger bing said...

34. All of the following songs are from the album "Play It Loud" by Paul Wong:

track 1: 人間蒸發 (drums)
track 2: Play It Loud (drums, percussions)
track 3: 隱形人 (drums)
track 5: 太平山上 (drums)
track 9: 如果天有眼 (drums)

At 12:14 pm, September 18, 2006, Blogger bing said...

35. looks like Jun was on drums & percussions for the whole album in Paul Wong's "我在存在"

At 6:14 pm, September 18, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

36, 漢城沉沒了 (drums)
(Metro Radio)Hit Radio Hong Kong Hit-Pop Chart新城勁爆本地榜
2005(Metro Radio)新城勁爆原創歌曲
---Endy Chow 周國賢 "光"

At 3:31 am, September 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys...this is JUN.
thankx a million for keeping track of all of the work i've done. I honestly say that i am not the kinda person that would show off my music too much or have a big sexy picture of myself in my bedroom...haha, but its time for me to collect a list of all the work i've done for many reasons, simply coz i'd like to get JUNKUNG.COM going and we can all meet there and chat. and also, for some international endorsements.
as i rememeber, I've done some of sammi cheng's #1 hits. crying game and a bunch of them....its been a while...
thanks guys once again......

At 5:06 am, September 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH by the way, just wanted to clear up something.....I was Born in Hong Kong AUG 18 1977, raised in Macau. Lived in the Phillipines from 1yr old- 2 yrs old. then, sydney at 11.


At 9:25 am, September 20, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

wow!!!! i am SO looking forward to it! :D
thanks for posting, JUN!!

At 12:40 pm, September 20, 2006, Anonymous BMW said...

"Carmen said...
Another news is Jun will be on drums @ Blue Door on coming Saturday"

Carmen, just want to clarify. did you mean Jun will be on drums at Sept 16 or Sept 23? Thanks.

At 2:26 pm, September 20, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

it's 16th, last Sat...
it's really really great
Tommy Ho, Eugene Pao, Peter scherr & Jun, playing in rock jazz style with 2 guitars
And Ted Lo was on drums as guest !!!

At 3:17 pm, September 20, 2006, Anonymous BMW said...

With Tommy Ho & Eugene Pao as well? Oh No! I miss it! I thought is coming Saturday... :(

At 4:36 pm, September 20, 2006, Blogger quadshock said...

Ever since the site run by Jun's label has been down, I've been wanting an official Jun site, if not to recommend to people then to just go back to for updates. I'm so happy to hear that it's in the works! This blog has also been an amazing substitute though!

At 6:52 pm, September 20, 2006, Anonymous jessica said... ??? that korean site? huh??

At 9:06 pm, September 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear buddies:

thanks heaps for the update!

jun, u really make me laugh when u clarify your bday.


At 11:51 pm, September 20, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

haha, i almost forgot used to be and still is the korean site. hope the new would be the best jun site EVER!! (not saying this blog is bad. actually this is a great place for updates and chatting. :D thanks for britple!!)
what did jun need to clarify about his bday and birthplace?? that was funny. :P

At 2:39 am, October 01, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

anyone went to the show in macau?? anyone??

At 7:22 pm, October 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

appledaily 有jun的news

夜 蒲 Happy   人 牆 遮 掩
恭 碩 良 帶 女 返 酒 店

我 行 我 素 的 恭 碩 良 , 入 行 以 來 緋 聞 極 少 , 但 爆 發 力 驚 人 。 五 年 前 他 被 踢 爆 和 名 模 楊 崢 出 現 酒 店 時 曾 失 控 爆 粗 , 向 記 者 掟 錢 換 菲 林 ; 既 有 前 車 可 鑑 , 今 次 當 然 學 精 , 日 前 他 帶 同 一 名 苗 條 女 伴 深 宵 現 身 中 環 蘭 桂 坊 酒 店 時 , 就 懂 得 玩 前 後 腳 兼 借 人 牆 遮 掩 出 入 。

現 年 29 歲 的 歌 手 恭 碩 良 , 經 常 與 黃 貫 中 、 何 超 儀 等 拍 檔 演 出 , 向 來 甚 有 個 性 , 上 台 爆 粗 發 火 屢 有 前 科 , 反 而 緋 聞 甚 少 , 多 年 來 只 與 模 特 兒 楊 崢 傳 過 緋 聞 。 不 過 日 前 本 報 記 者 發 現 他 半 夜 三 更 冒 雨 帶 女 出 入 酒 店 , 未 知 是 否 意 味 他 感 情 有 落 呢 ?

兩 男 掩 護 進 入
當 晚 約 凌 晨 2 時 , 一 身 黑 色 夜 行 衣 打 扮 的 恭 碩 良 偕 一 名 女 伴 , 同 行 還 有 兩 名 男 子 , 乘 的 士 抵 達 位 於 中 環 的 蘭 桂 坊 酒 店 , 當 時 女 伴 率 先 下 車 , 站 到 一 旁 等 候 , 揹 背 囊 的 恭 碩 良 下 車 後 即 頭 耷 耷 走 到 車 尾 廂 搬 出 結 他 , 其 間 不 忘 向 女 伴 展 露 得 意 微 笑 , 但 對 方 十 分 避 忌 , 一 直 與 他 保 持 距 離 。
現 場 所 見 , 該 名 女 伴 身 形 標 青 , 穿 三 個 骨 褲 及 高 跟 鞋 , 看 起 來 很 纖 瘦 。 她 見 恭 碩 良 關 上 車 尾 箱 後 , 即 匆 匆 走 進 酒 店 , 接 恭 碩 良 才 由 同 行 兩 男 掩 護 下 內 進 , 和 女 伴 繼 續 雨 夜 浪 漫 的 相 。
該 酒 店 走 中 檔 路 線 , 裝 修 設 計 較 中 國 式 , 部 份 獨 立 套 房 除 有 富 東 方 色 彩 的 擺 設 及 家 具 外 , 更 有 靚 海 景 , 最 適 合 情 侶 入 住 。

向 記 者 扔 鈔 票
其 實 恭 碩 良 帶 女 入 酒 店 已 有 前 科 , 早 於 01 年 9 月 中 , 他 與 緋 聞 女 友 楊 崢 到 紅 磡 海 逸 酒 店 撐 腳 後 碰 上 記 者 , 恭 碩 良 不 忿 被 撞 破 好 事 , 除 向 記 者 爆 粗 兼 郁 手 郁 腳 外 , 更 將 100 元 紙 幣 扔 給 記 者 , 要 求 贖 回 菲 林 , 最 後 當 然 失 敗 。
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採 訪 、 攝 影 : 娛 樂 突 發 組
保 持 距 離
恭 碩 良 ( 右 ) 和 女 伴 ( 箭 嘴 示 ) 乘 的 士 抵 達 蘭 桂 坊 酒 店 , 兩 人 落 車 時 刻 意 保 持 距 離 。
老 友 開 路
有 同 行 男 伴 ( 左 ) 做 人 肉 圍 牆 掩 護 入 酒 店 , 難 怪 恭 碩 良 一 派 施 施 然 。
恭 碩 良 和 前 緋 聞 女 友 楊 崢 01 年 到 紅 磡 海 逸 酒 店 撐 腳 , 被 記 者 撞 破 好 事 , 男 方 即 時 發 難 爆 粗 。   資 料 圖 片

At 12:38 am, October 02, 2006, Anonymous Carmen said...

I watched the show in macau !!!
It's like WDO 濃縮version+你著幾號鞋
the crowd is hot, Jun seems having mad fun
& the band, the music are awful nice
I enjoy the atmosphere sooo much

I'd like to see the report of the show but not that ridiculous stalking pictures
I can only see Jun geeting out from a taxi with his male and female friends
And posting his old picture again ?!

At 9:17 am, October 02, 2006, Blogger Hov said...

the show sounds great... thank you for writing about it, carmen... and carmen you are SO right!! those pics do not mean/show anything... even if it was true, so what?? god... what's wrong with riding taxi with friends!? the news is so poorly written with a lot of "assumptions" and adjectives... i can only shake my head and laugh.

At 4:11 pm, October 05, 2006, Anonymous BMW said...

Carmen, I was there too! The show was great! Where were you standing? Right in front of the stage?

At 6:58 pm, October 05, 2006, Anonymous carmen said...

yeah yeah yeah!!!
1st column in the middle, right in front of the stage !!!
this is 1 of my "craziest" time !
where are U ?

At 11:37 am, October 06, 2006, Anonymous bmw said...

I was standing on the fourth rows of the steps, did not come down b'cos scare of those crazy gang (you know, 跳到好似打架個班人). Was surprise the performance of 二手玫瑰, love it! Have took some 鬆陏朦pictures:

At 1:48 pm, October 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continue from Carmen's number 36...
37. 讓一切隨風 - Jun did drums for in the album "Wynners 最好關係" 1998

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