Sunday, September 25, 2005

The J.U.N.K. Sessions

though it's called "J.U.N.K. Sessions", jun himself called it "Junk Art" again! but anyway that's not the same thing. it's more funky and i like it, and you know i like Junk art too. somehow i miss the pcc series gig, acoustic and beautiful, i am greedy. This session feat Eugene Pao the guitarist, noel and brian/bryan? the two keyboardists and Jun K the drummer. it's seems that he is happy to play this series of jazz gigs, the monday one was cool too, playing some lounge and jazz music. here come the photos.......

J.U.N.K. Sessions

sorry for blurring the face, but i think it fully presents the power & energy of jun who playing with his 'friends'.

excellent guitar solo + excellent drum beats.

mid-autumn Jazz gig

it's always fun to see jun jamming with peter !

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Langham Place Hip Jazz Series

from mcb forum

今個月Eugene會再來一次演出,Bass方面改由來自美國的低音大提琴手Peter Scherr擔當,必定有不同的火花。另外﹐恭碩良亦會親自帶領一隊Funk Jazz樂隊 “The J.U.N.K. Sessions” 作演出,詳情如下,

Langham Place Hip Jazz Series

包以正 x Ted Lo x Peter Scherr x 恭碩良
日期: 9月19日中秋節翌日 (周一)
時間:晚上7:30 – 9:30 (8:15 – 8:45為中場休息)

The J.U.N.K. Sessions (featuring Jun Kung)
日期: 9月24日 (周六)
時間:晚上7:30 – 9:30 (8:15 – 8:45為中場休息)


“Spektraz” ,本地最前衛的電子爵士樂組合,將電子效果與節奏混和爵士樂﹐透視多層次的音色與現代感﹐展示更誘人的爵士樂形態

被譽為當代最好的低音結他手之一的Sylvain Gagnon在爵士樂中加入中國笛子,他的樂團將中國傳統曲目揉合爵士樂重新編曲演奏

“Kentohead” ,他們將Canton Pop注入爵士樂的精萃,令你對爵士樂與流行音樂有不同的體會

由爵士結他手Karissa Muse帶領的樂團帶來讓人緬懷70年代的poppy jazz風格

“Thirdwind”,本地爵士樂中堅份子,帶給大家一系列最耐聽的Smooth jazz曲目

成員分別來自摩洛哥﹑法國及英國的“Over a Dogma”演奏帶有北非風味的爵士樂﹐帶來一個火熱節奏的晚上

來自瑞典的低音結他手Rickard Malmsten率領包括鍵琴﹑小號及鼓手的四人組合﹐讓人體會現代爵士樂懾人的神韻

Organized by:
Langham Place (
Innonation Productions (

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

lamdog x jun

from princeden: "新碟有一首Jun 作曲編曲監製, 很groooooovy, 簽名咁.

之前阿paul 幫森美小儀歌劇團做隻碟, jun 都有份做兩首, 不過... 麻麻地, 不聽也罷."

from linkagecorp: "he plays some instruments in track 1&11, and he wrote track8"

thanks both!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

a glimpse of jun

thanks jov for taking care of the other junkers :)

from jov: "jun apppeared for a sec in soler's interview and the link is here
haha... i'm not sure how many junkers would wanna catch a glimpse of jun... but it's a good interview on soler and macau anyhow. :) "