Friday, October 28, 2005

JUN@The 5th Element

第5元素 The 5th Element
2005年 我們慶祝 我們反恐 一張合輯 兩種意義
新的開始 . 新的願望 stop terrorism . peace on earth

Auctave / Alok / CMgroovy / Downer / Echo / elf fatima / FAMA / Fruitpunch/ Ghost Style / inLove / Innisfallen / Malfunction / Mazer / OLIVER / Revolver/ Simone / Starfruit /stealstealground / The Darlings / The Doof / The Pliable/ Thelovesong / 2 & 2 are one / UNiXX / weekend / Wilson Tsang / 方欣浩 / 民藝復興/ 咖啡因公園 / 沼澤 / 恭碩良 / 陽溢 / 野良犬 / 黃湛熙 / 壞碑唇

89268 5.2.X
5周年雙CD合輯 “The 5th Element ”2005年10月25日上市
89268出品 the PANIC發行

密切留意消息公佈 |
香港九龍旺角西洋菜街南226號2樓 | 852-2396 2608 |

Saturday, October 15, 2005

jun+eugene+peter+frds@the edge

M-AUDIO 數碼音樂產品演示
眾音樂人包括恭碩良(鼓手)、包以正(結他手)、Peter Scherr (低音結他手)、Scott
Wilkie & Ted Lo (鍵琴手) 將勁Jam音樂及示範最新到港M-Audio產品,豈能錯過!
21/10/2005 (星期五) 晚上七時半
The EDGE (中環雲咸街60號中央廣場地下)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

On Top: Wild Day Out

thanks carman there is something new to announce and it's such a great one!!

Wild Day Out

date: 2005.10.13
time: 10:00pm
address: 球皇吧 TST金巴利道 79-81
guest: JUN KUNG

Monday, October 10, 2005

On Top: envelop of junkalogy/hunkalogy

* i will put this enty on top, so that other junkers wont miss it & we can keep the updated news by posting msgs in this entry!*

envelop of junkalogy/hunkalogy

Purpose: for fun, for JUN, for yourself... let's make something happen in the SUMMER! :D

Plan: in fact, no plan... but dont worry, we will get it done. Hov has bought an ENVELOP and a 20pages booklet, and we will pass it around to the people who wanna join this mission, so that u can draw or write or stick something on the envelop and book (or even put something inside the envelop?). at the end, we will give it to JUN. *we also accept overseas junkers to join! *

*anyone who want to join pls leave a msg here with ur contact method (e.g. email) or email directly to: or contact hov or hessica if u know them in person. Also, u can now join the mailing list in the right hand side too. DONT BE SHY, JOIN US.. ;)


will keep u junkers update.

Sunday, October 09, 2005



Edison Hip Hop

Hip Hop Love Music05 Edison DJ Tommy MC Hip Hop Krumpers & The Clowns Phase 2
Edison Edison 使 Edison

fight for freedom Hip Hop

Edison band Edison Benz Edison Edison 便

thx hov for the news, there are still some holes to fill in, haha, but much better than before! thx hov again for the good work!!

Stuart Hamm Bass Guitar Clinic plus Live

* pls phone and confirm yourself that jun will really show up, cos i read a website previously and i only saw eugene's name but no jun's. so better ask before any disappointment, but i believe that u will still have a good nite with eugene and the bassist.

Jun will be on drums with Eugene
Stuart Hamm Bass Guitar Clinic plus Live

特別喜賓 包以正 同場鬥 jam!!

日期 / Date: 2005年10月4日 (星期二) 04/10/2005 (Tue)
場地 / Venue: Grappa's Cellar 中環怡和大廈地庫 Grappa's Cellar, Basement, Jardine House, Central

時間 / Time: 下午八時正/ 8:00PM
票價 / Ticket Price: HK$80

節目查詢 / 訂票電話 enquiries / ticket booking: 2783 0135


Tickets are available for sale at the following outlets

通利琴行 Music For Life 會員於下列指定通利琴行購票可獲九折優惠 10% OFF

- 通利琴行 Tom Lee Music (2723 9932)
九龍尖沙咀金馬倫里 1-9號地下
香港銅鑼灣波斯富街 29 號東南大廈地下至三樓

- 音樂共和國 Music Republics (2783 0135)
九龍旺角信和中心地庫B 38號 A 鋪

- 尼爾遜琴行 Nelson Piano Company (2395 2960)
九龍旺角黑布街 98 號地下

香港銅鑼灣告士打道311號 皇室堡1樓A鋪

thx carmen chan for the news

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Live Gig Series #4

Live Gig Series #4
下午4時 - 凌晨2時

auctave / Aloks 31G / Downer / Elf Fatima / False Alarm / Fashionista / Ghost Style / Glitter / Goodmorningloria / innisfallen / inLove / malfunction / Mazer / My Little Airport / OLIVER / Revolver / Simone / SuperDay / The Darlings / The Doof / The Pliable / UNiXX / 方欣浩 / 拾豆豆 / 秋紅 / 恭碩良 / 野良犬 / 假音人......

HITEC 九龍灣國際展貿中心地下
Ticket: $80 (全日通行)
門票即日開始於 the PANIC 及the PANIC 2 發售

89268 主辦
Baileys 全力支持
Gusto 指定餐廳